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Intuitive Technology brings the most accessible and rapid diagnostic solutions to the laboratories, physicians, patients and researchers with intuitive and rapid technologies. 

Who we are. 

We are a cutting-edge, customer-oriented service company operating in the fields of in-vitro medical diagnostics in Hong Kong and Macau. We collaborate with reputable international supply partners in selling innovative solutions to clinics, doctors and the research sector. We focus on providing a comprehensive, future-oriented service, to provide a foundation for long-term business relations. 

Out of conviction. 

Everything we do is based on a sense of conviction. We feel that we have an obligation to make a positive contribution to people's health and well-being. This is why we offer our customers with products that never compromise in quality.  We also try to provide educational information to our customers to make sure that they get the maximum benefits out of our solutions.  


Our company is equipped with a team that serves our customers on sales, marketing, logistics and after-sales support.  We also provide emergency service to our customers 24 / 7 when required.  With the additional establishment of offices in other Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, we also support our customers and suppliers in exchanging knowledge and information among these regions. 

Quality commitment. 

In addition, to make sure that our customers use our solutions with peace of mind, Intuitive Technology is also pursuing listing under MDD of Hong Kong.  Though participation in this listing is not mandatory, we highly believe that both our customers and the team will benefit from this commitment in the long run. 

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